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NLD: Holland’s Wildlands Adventure Zoo Comes to Life with Elation Lighting

When the local zoo in Emmen, the Netherlands, closed at the end of 2015 it wasn’t long before animal lovers in the area had a renewed and even better animal theme park to visit. Inspired by Disney’s Animal Kingdom and SeaWorld Orlando, Wildlands Adventure Zoo opened its doors on March 25th, 2016 as the area’s new must-visit theme attraction.

Emmen’s former zoo required a complete renovation so Wildlands contacted leading theming company Jora Entertainment to develop modern storytelling themed areas and the entertainment technology systems needed to help bring them to life. An important aspect was dynamic, decorative lighting schemes that could live up to the standard of its mentor attractions across the Atlantic.

Jora Entertainment subsequently developed a sensory scheme for the various themed areas of the newly built park, installing lighting, sound and special effects throughout the zoo to bring the attractions to life. In addition to the storytelling themed areas, Jora Entertainment also developed a special 4D movie along with custom-made shows and entertainment programs.

Wildlands Adventure Zoo_2Jora Entertainment installed over 170 Elation Professional color-changing Level Q7 IP LED Par lights all around the park to uplight buildings and other objects in a variety of shades that complement and support the atmosphere of each theme.

Foliage areas like trees and bushes are also accented in colored light from the compact Level Q7 IP lights, which are all-weather IP65 rated and house 7 x 15W RGBW LEDs for full color mixing.

Used for inside attractions as well, the fixture’s most important features, according to Kevin Mohr at Jora Entertainment, are their beam angle and excellent output, as well as the fact that they are water resistant.

Visitors to Wildlands can journey through three different themed areas – Jungola, Serenga and Nortica – each its own unique adventure with animals, rides, attractions and more. In Jungola, where the Jungle Jim Show takes place, compact Elation Rayzor Q7 LED moving heads are used during the show.

Useful for a variety of dynamic visuals from color washes to chase effects to sharp beam looks, the RGBW Rayzor Q7’s are also used at the Jungle Jim Show area to highlight the surrounding décor.

Wildlands Adventure Zoo has received praise for its beautiful design and themed areas. With its attention to detail and decorative touches like highlights of colored light, it is a model for today’s themed modern zoo.