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USA: Big House Sound Goes “Big” With Adamson

Big House Sound Inc. partners Rod Nielsen (left) and Roy Kircher (right) with the Adamson S-Series rig

Big House Sound, Inc. located in Austin, Texas, has been a successful regional production company for more than 26 years. The company started with a few Adamson Systems Engineering boxes in 1992 and as their business has grown, so has their relationship with Adamson.

“Our business services events from festivals that draw in 50,000 all the way down to clubs with a capacity of 100,” explains Roy Kircher, owner of Big House Sound.

“So when Adamson came out with the S-Series it caught our eye. It fits nicely with the demand we get for sound systems for mid-sized to smaller venues. Between the sound quality and how easy it is for one person to handle? It was a perfect fit for our business model.”

Big House took delivery of an S-Series rig earlier this summer that consists of a full complement of S10 line array enclosures and S119 subwoofers.

“This system is a godsend in comparison to some of the heavier boxes we have had in our inventory,” adds Bobby Filarowicz, operations manager at Big House.

“We are very excited that this offers us comparable power but is much smaller and lighter. The rigging has come so far from what it used to be – the majority of components are internal or captured on the box – so much easier.”

Kircher notes that it is not unusual for them to send out one person to set up a system for a smaller gig adding that “our technicians are well equipped to handle it on their own.”

Some of that may be due to onsite training provided by Brian Fraser, Adamson’s application engineer. Fraser delivered two days of training that included an extensive overview of Adamson Blueprint AV simulation software as well as hands-on rigging and alignment of the new system.

Blueprint AV is Adamson’s multi-use predictive software suite that operates both in the 2D and 3D realm. The software allows system designers and technicians to build a simple or very complex listening area, hang multiple arrays, simulate response with a variety of acoustic measurement tools, and provide a detailed and accurate rigging plot that can be exported to DXF.

“New software always takes a little getting used to, but Brian did a fantastic job of walking us through it,” adds Filarowicz.

“The training is really helpful and a great way to get the entire team involved and up to speed with the new rig.”

“We have had a tremendous relationship with Adamson,” concludes Kircher.

“They have been with us since day one – good company and great people that are incredibly supportive. Of course you invest in gear that will help you company grow, but it’s nice to make that investment with people that you have a positive history with, and for us that is Adamson.”