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IND: Uli Behringer Awarded Global Audio Industry Leader

Uli Behringer, founder of BEHRINGER and head of MUSIC, was recently honoured as recipient of the “2016 Global Audio Industry Leader Award” at the annual PALM Sound & Light Awards show in Mumbai, India.

He was recognised for “his visionary leadership and contribution to the professional audio industry by way of breakthrough technologies and products that have significantly contributed to the growth of the global pro-audio industry.”

Behringer said: “I am very humbled and immensely filled with honour and pride to be recognised by PALM India with this prestigious Global Audio Industry Leader Award. When I think back to 1989, I had a very simple dream and that was to create great and affordable equipment for musicians. As a struggling engineering student and musician, playing in piano bars to make a living, I couldn’t afford the equipment to build my own recording studio.”

Since founding BEHRINGER in 1989, Uli Behringer has built one of the largest and fastest growing pro audio companies in the world. The brand is now part of the umbrella organisation called MUSIC, which hosts MIDAS, KLARK TEKNIK, LAB GRUPPEN, LAKE, TANNOY, TURBOSOUND, TC ELECTRONIC, TC HELICON, BEHRINGER and BUGERA.

Additionally, Uli Behringer has been a pioneer to move manufacturing to China as early as 1998. After heavily investing in “BEHRINGER City”, a wholly owned manufacturing plant in China, MUSIC is now preparing for the opening of its new facility, “MUSIC City”, a US$ 100 million, 3 million square feet and fully automated manufacturing and innovation compound.

“When you celebrate success, you must always remember the people who helped you on the way as without these people, we wouldn’t achieve anything. I am extremely grateful for all the people who touched my life and hence I like to dedicate this award to our amazing 3,500 staff, our incredibly loyal customers, and our global sales partners whose unwavering support is truly appreciated,” added Uli Behringer.