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USA: Elation ACL 360 Bar™ LED Battens Back Above & Beyond Performance

EDM fans came out of winter hibernation in mid-March in time for Miami Music Week, an early festival season gathering of some of electronic dance music’s top acts. On March 17th, English progressive trance DJs Above & Beyond played the largest independent party during Miami Music Week and backed their performance with Elation ACL 360 Bars™, colour-changing LED battens with narrow-beam output and 360-degree continuous rotation.

Held at the old RC Cola Plant in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, Lighting Designer / Production Designer for the event was Neil Marsh, who has been lighting the DJ trio for the last five years. He included 12 ACL360 Bars as part of the floor package, positioned on upright trusses at shoulder height on the stage to provide strong backlight and visual interest both on camera and for the audience.

Output from the ACL 360 Bar’s seven 15W RGBW LEDs could “easily match the other lighting in the rig,” which included 1000W source fixtures, said Neil. “The continuous 360-degree rotation made for some dynamic moving effects that are not possible with conventional LED fixtures,” he added, noting that he also used the LED battens to pixel-map effects across the stage.

Above & Beyond_Body_WebThe ACL fixtures were supplied for the show by The Design Oasis (, the largest full service, cross-rental company in South Florida. Neil said that CEO and co-founder of The Design Oasis Abbas Ritscher and John the crew chief were instrumental during the build and the show itself. “John in particular managed to achieve the best haze I have ever seen outdoors with his dedication to fogger and hazer placement. VJ Dave Kyle assisted me as usual on the show and for this event we operated lighting and ran all video content for all the artists on the bill.” Above and Beyond’s video content is directed by Neil and Paavo Siljamaki (a DJ in Above & Beyond) and is produced by Dylan Byrne.