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Prolights’ EclPanel Shines in TV Commercial with MS Dhoni

The PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC series shone in a recent television commercial featuring iconic Indian cricket player MS Dhoni, thanks to the lighting services provided by Light Craft & Sound Pvt Ltd.

The lighting setup included over 150 projectors, including the EclPanel TWC and EclPanel TWCXL by Prolights. This dynamic configuration provided a vivid and dominant light source, transforming the television set into a truly enchanting environment.

In the context of this installation, 50 x EclPanel TWC fixtures were skillfully mounted on a truss and covered with snapbags to ensure even light diffusion. The entire structure was then lifted above the set using pulley systems, creating a surprisingly bright and captivating atmosphere.

Additionally, 8 x EclPanel TWC XL soft lights were meticulously arranged in a linear structure to replicate a vibrant and radiant daytime atmosphere.

Sachin Vishwakarma, the head light designer for the project, and Rajesh Singh, the installation’s gaffer, expressed their satisfaction with the results, “The versatility of the Prolights EclPanel series is truly remarkable. These panels allowed us to seamlessly transition from a moonlit night to a sunny day, enabling us to translate our creative vision with impeccable precision.”