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Claypaky Lighting Excites at Festivities for First Qatar-UAE Super Cup Football Tournament

Marking a new chapter in regional sports, the inaugural Qatar-UAE Super Cup football tournament kicked off in Doha, Qatar and showcased the best talent from both nations, then continued the next day with the UAE-Qatar Super Cup Shield match in Dubai.

Qvision (Qatar Vision), the Doha-based event production and management company, was charged with bringing the organizing committee’s vision to life in spectacular opening ceremonies featuring a large complement of Claypaky lighting fixtures.

For the opening ceremony’s show, Qvision Artistic Director and Executive Producer, Sharif Hashisho, devised a mesmerizing display at Al Thumama World Cup stadium where storytelling laser animation highlighted the development of football in the GCC region and the significance of the newly established championship. A massive array of Claypaky beams lit up the night sky, sweeping the field with fan patterns in a choreographed dance, illuminating the pitch’s perimeter and shooting high into the heavens.

“The technical prowess behind the show was impressive with a massive array of lasers and lighting fixtures seamlessly synchronized to create a breathtaking spectacle,” enthused Hashisho. The lighting installation included 30 units of Claypaky Skylos, 100 Xtylos, 100 Scenius Unicos, 60 Sharpy Plus and 120 K-EYE K20s, all controlled by grandMA3 full-size consoles.

The IP66-rated Skylos searchlights are the latest Claypaky additions to the Qvision lighting inventory. A custom 300W white laser source, Skylos delivers an unrivalled parallel beam that is visible and rich in contrast even more than a mile away. The innovative fixture is safe and reliable offering top performance with minimal power usage and maintenance needs.

“From the lasers to Claypaky Skylos and Xtylos fixtures, every element was meticulously planned and executed to perfection,” Hashisho noted. In addition to the opening ceremony, Qvision also played a pivotal role in the pre-match ceremony and infotainment segments plus the concluding coronation ceremony, for which Qvision designed, constructed and branded the coronation stage, drawing inspiration from the championship’s brand elements to create a visually stunning centrepiece.

In the end, the first Qatar-UAE Super Cup proved to be more than just a football tournament: It was a celebration of unity, sportsmanship and the enduring power of sport to bring nations together. “This event was yet another testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and quality, building upon our proven track record of successfully organizing major international events such as the AFC Asian Cup and World Cup,” concluded Hashisho. “At Qvision, our goal is always to exceed expectations and leave behind a legacy of exceptional event management.”