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L Class Launch – The Latest Intelligent Speaker Generation from QSC

The continuous evolution and innovation in digital technology have been palpable in our surroundings for quite some time. One domain that hasn’t been left behind is the realm of audio systems. QSC, with the latest Active Line Array Speaker system, the L Class, has ignited the spirit of continuous innovation.

Swiss-Belhotel Tuban Bali served as the special venue for Goshen Swara Indonesia to host the event “Unveiling QSC L Class.” This launch event for the latest L Class speakers provided an opportunity for audio enthusiasts, engineers, and pro audio system rentals to gain a deeper understanding of the newest active line array speakers, LA108 and LA112, along with their ecosystem and cutting-edge technology.

Starting with an opening speech from Franky, Sales Director of Goshen Swara. The event then continued with Alan Chang, Director of Business Development APAC at QSC, providing a comprehensive overview of the L Class active line array speakers and the embedded technology. The presentation and discussion delved into the features and flexibility of audio device connections through the Dante protocol, automation, and system optimization using AWARE features, and finally, the SysNav control application with a simple and intuitive UIX.

The “Rapid Deploy” installation demo showcased the ease with which the L Class active line array speaker system can be efficiently and easily implemented by just one person. Meanwhile, the sound demo featuring LA108 and LA112 provided a firsthand experience of the detailed and accurate audio quality, thanks to the LEAF feature with its “Big Box” Sound. The event concluded with a mingling session and hands-on experience for participants who were still curious about the numerous features and benefits of the L Class system.

Not stopping there, Goshen Swara organized another event to introduce the L Class but with a unique arrangement. “Kamus Goshen,” presented in an arrangement of seminars, talk shows, and a gig, took place in the Goshen Swara PIK Ballroom. This captivating event aimed to showcase an optimal audio experience with the proper room setup, L Class speakers, and performances by bands of different genres.

The event kicked off in a relaxed manner, followed by a performance by Pink Pitch, a dream pop unit from Jakarta, creating a cheerful atmosphere and showcasing the optimization of the LEAF feature in the LA108 and LA112 active line array speakers. This was followed by a product presentation and a talk show session where Goshen invited Rejo, SCTV’s GM Broadcast Support, and Yumir, Operational Manager & In-House Engineer at Total Audio as speakers to share insights and experiences as users of the QSC brand. The performance by Total Anarchy, a Hardcore punk unit from Bekasi, marked the culmination of the event, keeping the participants eager until the end.

The event concluded with a mingling session and hands-on experience with the products. The series of these two events not only provide information about the latest products but also extend invitations to audio enthusiasts, engineers, and pro audio system rental experts. Moreover, it offered an enjoyable audio experience and live performances without the need for excessive embellishment in words. Both events reflected Goshen Swara’s commitment to introducing audio innovations in a relaxed, contemporary, and informative manner.