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DiGiCo Announces Pulse Software Updates for Select Quantum Consoles

DiGiCo has announced second-generation software updates for its popular Quantum338, Quantum338T, and Quantum225 mixing consoles. Available in April 2024 for a nominal fee, the Mk 2 software packages, known as Pulse, will increase the input channel and buss counts of each desk model, plus add other notable features.

On the Quantum338 and Quantum338T, the new upgrade will increase the number of input channels to 156 (from 128), busses to 72 (from 64), Mustard Processors to 48 (from 36), and Nodal Processors to 72 (from 64). Other perks include the addition of Mix Minus functionality, plus a larger 36×36 Matrix on the “T” theatre-software model of the console (up from 24×24).

Similarly, Pulse will bump up the Quantum225’s power and versatility, raising its input channel count to 96 (from 72), buss count to 48 (from 36), and Mustard and Nodal Processor tallies to 36 and 48, respectively (from 24 and 32). Mix Minus is also included in the new feature set.

As a token of appreciation to their early adopters, DiGiCo are offering a 50% discount on the new software to users who purchased their Quantum338 or Quantum225 in 2023 or earlier. To qualify for the discount, the Pulse software upgrade must be purchased before the end of 2024.

DiGiCo has added announces that it will simultaneously offer Mk 2 software updates for its Quantum7 and Quantum5 consoles free of charge adding Mix Minus to the desks and increasing the number of Mustard Processors on the Quantum7 to 80 (from 64) and to 64 (from 48) on the Quantum5.