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SynAudCon Releases Two New Courses on Equalization

Course 130 on Equalization offers “A systematic approach to sound system tuning”. Developed by Pat Brown, these courses sum up his 30+ years of system tuning experience; hard-won knowledge and methods that work.

“Understanding measurement and room acoustics is the key to effective equalization,” says Pat Brown.

In a direct, systematic and orderly approach, this course covers the core concepts of measurement and room acoustics and applies them to the equalization process. This course will improve your proficiency on a simple 1/3-oct RTA or an advanced PC-based measurement system.

Course 210 is an Advanced EQ offering “Greater breadth and depth”. This course replicates the Course 130 material but includes additional lectures that address the finer points of measurement, filters, and the system tuning process. If you are ready for a deeper understanding of electro-acoustic measurements this course is for you. Additional lectures on phase, group delay, wavelets, IIR and FIR filters are included.

This course is an excellent prep for training on specific measurement platforms.

For full details on both the courses click on the link below: