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“Night of Light“ Edition to Bring Awareness to Plight of the Events Industry

An announcement that major events will be banned till at least of October 2020 in Germany has spurred the events industry in the country to take steps to highlight the plight of the industry to politicians and the public.

The inspiration behind the “Night of Light” campaign and board of directors of LK-AG Essen, Tom Koperek, states that the entire events industry is on a life support machine. “The current requirements and restrictions make the economic implementation of events practically impossible. This affects not only organisers, but also venues as well as suppliers, and service providers of all shapes and sizes: technology companies, stage and exhibition engineers, outfitters, caterers, logisticians and artists from across the industry. Artists who offer contributions such as content, script direction or floral decoration to multiple events. This heterogeneous industry unites more than 150 different trades and special disciplines, and as a result, does not have a union that covers all employees. It is, therefore, all the more important to ensure that political and public perception increases.”

To raise awareness, companies from the event and cultural industry across Germany, are joining together to set an example by illuminating landmarks clubs, locations and company headquarters in each city. BigCityBeats will support the entire movement as an official streaming partner, hosting the virtual event for the whole campaign. WORLD CLUB DOME is broadcasting a special edition live from the headquarters of event tech specialists Adam Hall Group, with the aim of drawing attention to the “Night of Light”. The celebration of unity and light is expected to reach millions of people around the world on June 22 from 10 pm to 1 am. This day will go down as a momentous moment in the history of the event industry.

“We hope that BigCityBeats isn’t celebrating one of the last events of the entire industry, but instead serves as a warning to cast politics aside, and to shake things up,” said the visionary founder of BigCityBeats, Bern Brieter. “For many businesses in the service industry, there will be no surviving this current market. They face a merciless end. With this appeal, we are addressing each individual politician in the country to finally wake up.”

To increase Government awareness, Bernd Breiter and his team have developed a unique event concept: International headline DJs from across the electronic music industry playing across three floors in the Adam Hall Group Experience Center. “In this very difficult time, we have to stick together through solidarity. This is why we support the “Night of Light” as a true technology manufacturer, and are grateful that creatives such as Bernd carry the message in their own way and thus unmistakably symbolize the seriousness of the situation,” said CEO of Adam Hall, Alexander Pietschmann.

The Company headquarters north of Frankfurt will become the virtual BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Night of Light Edition on June 22nd. Outdoor on the roof the finest techno, indoor: superstars of the EDM sound to the funkiest hip-hop. Once again BigCityBeats brings all music genres under (and on) one roof. The DJ sets will be streamed live across all BigCityBeats social media channels, on the official website and on various other partner channels.