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First use of the new dBTechnologies VIO L210 system for rk Light & Sound

Working in the large “Festsaal” in Munich’s Hofbräuhaus, the “most famous ‘Wirtshaus’ in the world”, is certainly not an everyday job. Stars like Johnny Logan, Günter Sigl & Band, the Paul Daly Band performed together with Munich’s Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter gathered on stage to collect money for the Munich homeless.

Johnny Logan, the triple ESC winner and German-bavarian old hand Günter Sigl with hits like “Skandal im Sperrbezirk” made the hall quake. All needed technology for this special concert was provided by company M7 with owner Stefan Linnerer together with rk Light & Sound, Ralph Kirchbeck, who was responsible for audio.

To offer proper sound reinforcement for the 700 guests in the room, Ralph Kirchbeck relied on dBTechnologies’ active 2-way system VIO L210m, which the company has just added to its rental park.

Ralph Kirchbeck on the use of the VIO system for the concert at Munich’s Hofbräuhaus: “This was the first time that we took care of the sound reinforcement in the venerable Hofbräuhaus Festsaal.

We also used our newly acquired VIO L210 system for the first time, and the job went very smooth.

We could manage the rather difficult acoustic conditions in the Festsaal by a thorough calculation with Ease Focus 3 and a precise and indispensable `measuring’ with Smaart 8. Naturally, we adjusted and operated the full system with the Auroranet control tool. The responses we received after the show were very positive. The Lord Mayor of Munich himself, Dieter Reiter, gave us the best feedback for the event. Plus the all the other artists and technicians were also very satisfied.”

In total, rk Light & Sound used 2 x 8 VIO L210 modules as the main array, which provided for a uniform sounding up to the back row. Supporting equipment were 4 x VIO X205 (60×60 degrees) as nearfills and 2 x VIO X12 as outfills to fill critical listening areas.

Ralph Kirchbeck on the reasons for purchasing the VIO system from dBTechnologies: “To accompany another well-known sound reinforcement brand that we have on offer, we were looking for an additional system that was both economical and powerful.

The economic benefits refer to the lower acquisition costs for us as a rental company and the attractive rental prices for our customers.

Besides the system’s cost-effectiveness, it impressed with its performance. What struck us most, among other things, were the sound characteristics, the transmission behaviour, the scalability and the simple operation.”