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DAS Audio Aero and Vantec Series land on the beach at Kala Festival

Nestled within the mountains of the Albanian Riviera and bathed by the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, Kala Festival stands out not only for its location on the stunning beaches of Dhërmi, the festival´s host village, but also for presenting a lineup of top DJs.

The second edition of Albania’s first international music festival has established itself in the continental festival scene bringing together a cosmopolitan audience and offering an appealing variety of electronic music genres.

In this edition, 3 of the stages and the VIP area featured DAS Audio systems. AAP Acute Audio Productions, Kala´s event production company, was on site to manage the installation of the systems with the assistance of DAS Audio´s technical support before and during the celebration of the event.

The weather conditions at the beach required the systems to withstand high temperatures, intense sun and humidity, as well as facing a prolonged use outdoors 24 hours, while offering a consistent and reliable performance and providing enough power and excellent sound quality at all times.

On the main stage, ‘Empire’, the self-powered Aero-40A systems were deployed. Their powerful internal DSP compatible with DASaim (digital steering technology) and management and monitoring capability via DASnet eased the installation and configuration of the systems.

Additionally, the UX-218 subwoofer provided deep bass without losing clarity while Sound Force monitors were used in the DJ booth. On the ‘Splendor’ stage, Aero-40A and UX-218 were also installed, this time in an in-line configuration, using DASnet to create an electronic arc across the front of the stage.

Despite the high temperatures and humidity, the smooth and consistent operation of the systems allowed them to perform at their maximum power without problem.

On the Gjipe beach, only accessible by sea, the DJ booth was equipped with Vantec-20A monitors, their compact design simplified their transport and installation on this secluded beach; in addition, the Vantec-20A offered great performance during the extended daytime sessions.

For the VIP area and the terrace, the self-powered Road-15A monitors and the self-powered LX-118A subwoofers were deployed, using the internal delay of the cabinets to perform the temporary adjustment via DASnet.