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City of Melle celebrates the 850-year anniversary with VIO

If an anniversary is already announced as “extraordinary”, you can, of course, expect something special. This is exactly what the city of Melle in Lower Saxony, German,y has recently achieved. A unique festive programme, which was set up on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the city under the motto “yesterday – today – tomorrow”, was something special and peppered with real highlights.

A real highlight of the anniversary celebrations was the band “Glasperlenspiel” performing on the festival stage on Saturday evening. Over 6,000 visitors attended the free concert of the German electro-pop band playing on the big stage. Also present was the new VIO system from dBTechnologies.

Technical service provider Professional Event Solutions used VIO for the excellent tone at the concert. As main-PA 2x 9 VIO L212 tops with 18x VIO S218 subs were used in cooperation with partners from the VIO Rental Network. The setup was supplemented by 2x 8 VIO L208 as outfill and 8x VIO L208 as nearfill.

“For us, the VIO system was the right cutlery for a concert of this size. The system has proven its very good acoustic performance in the last months. The interaction in the VIO Rental Network worked absolutely smoothly. That’s how it has to be when you have overall technical responsibility,” said Carsten Müller, Managing Director of Professional Event Solutions GmbH.

And he added with a smile: “Both the artists and the organisers were very satisfied with the overall result. And so were we.”