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Jazz in Duketown Does it Again with dBTechnologies VIO L212

Dutch Jazz Festival “Jazz in Duketown” in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is the largest event of its kind in the Netherlands using 9 stages and attracting over 175,000 visitors. Once again this year, the international stars playing on the Main-Stage on the city’s marketplace and attracting the largest crowds could rely on excellent sound conditions with dBTechnologies’ VIO L212 Line Array Systems.

Jazz in Duketown Festival used dBTechnologies systems already last year. Because of superb experiences back then, dBTechnologies was the system of choice for the 2019 edition and the festival deployed the new Full-Size Line Array VIO L212 on the Main-Stage.

The VIO L212 system is the most powerful line array system in the product portfolio of Italian audio specialist dBTechnologies.

In total, 10 x L212 modules each plus 2 x L210 as downfill were used as the main array at the right and left of the stage. For front- and outfills 8 x L208 modules, also from the VIO family, were in place. Event service provider in charge RPSoundtechniek, relied on 6 x S218 and 12 x S118R subs as subwoofers. Sidefills were 2 x VIO X15 and 2 x VIO S118R.

During the festival, the VIO L212 Line Array System proved its class in the sophisticated sound performance required at jazz concerts.

The festival’s first highlight was Marcus Miller’s performance (pictured above) at the Main-Stage on Friday. Bassist and multi-instrumentalist Miller has collaborated with many greats in the international jazz world, adding his chops as a studio and session musician, producer or solo artist, for example with Miles Davis, David Sanborn or Aretha Franklin.

“Jazz in Duketown is a typical festival situation where the schedule is very tight, and the time for a soundcheck is very limited. I could tune the FOH mix very quickly, and the sound quality impressed me very much.”

“The even balance of the whole spectrum in all positions, far away from the stage, close to the speakers and at the side was really excellent – well done dBTechnologies,” said Daniele Di Giovanni, FOH mixer for Marcus Miller during the concert at Jazz in Duketown. Di Giovanni is a renowned FOH pro and also works for such greats like Lee Ritenour or Dave Grusin.

8 x TT+25-CXA from RCF as front wedges provided the stage-sound for Marcus Miller and his band. Drummer Alex Bailey used 1 x VIO S118R and 1 x VIO X12 module as drum monitors.

The VIO L212 is dBTechnologies’ full-size line array for large sound reinforcement applications. Despite its fully active design, the VIO L212 is one of the most compact and lightweight 2×12″ line array systems in its class.

The VIO L212 is an active 3-way line array system designed for the largest live applications, providing 3200 W RMS and 142 dB maximum SPL.

The L212 offers optimised dispersion and impressive headroom, as well as fast and easily configurable rigging solutions. All VIO modules are easy to combine and form a single cast line array system. RPSoundtechniek easily integrated the smaller VIO L210 as downfills into the Main Line Array, build with VIO L212 modules.

Rob Pigmans, Sales Manager at dBTechnologies, on the use of the VIO system: “The VIO system from dBTechnologies not only offers perfect sound, a basic requirement for such a jazz event. It also has many features that greatly simplify rigging and make the use of mixed systems child’s play. All modules of the VIO family are perfectly matched to each other, which makes working with the VIO system so perfect.”

The VIO L212 also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of installation and calibration. The integrated RDNet interface allows the systems to be operated with dBTechnologies’ own Aurora Net software and adjusted according to the measurements – of course used by RPSoundtecchniek.