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Prolyte’s Verto Truss Used at LA Auto Show

Prolyte’s Verto Truss system was used by Creative Technologies (CT) at three separate booths during the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show in December.

The LA Auto Show is one of the most influential auto shows globally, drawing more than 26,500 auto industry decision makers and influencers from around the world, as well as hundreds of thousands of car shoppers and auto fans.

During the show, CT installed 3,200 linear feet of black, powder-coated Verto truss to create booths for the new Genesis, Hyundai, and Kia automobiles. Prolyte’s Verto truss low self-weight allowed for more creative lighting options and flexibility in designing the booths. The Verto truss quick assembly, silent connection, and low self-weight also translated into a significant savings of at least 50% on drayage and labor costs.

In addition to the LA Auto Show, CT’s also relied on Prolyte’s Verto truss for a Volvo product launch at the new U.S. plant in the Carolinas. CT built a stage inside the warehousing facilities to release a new car model for Volvo’s Worldwide management team.

CT was first introduced to the Verto truss by PJ Turpin at LDI conference in 2017 and were immediately intrigued by the fast and tool-free connection method as well as the low self-weight compared to other truss brands they were accustomed to using.

Following the show, CT purchased approx. 3,200 feet of black powder coated Verto truss. PJ worked closely with Ian Dobson and the CT team to ensure their expectations were exceeded. After discovering how quick and easy it is to assemble Verto saving them time and money, CT has doubled their Verto inventory.

The company decided to replace all their 12” plated truss for Verto and would begin using it at all major auto shows in the United States.

Ian Dobson, Project Manager/Lighting, Creative Technology Group said, “The Verto Truss has worked so well for us that we now use it for all major US auto shows. It is lighter, more adaptable and quicker to assemble which resulted in incredible savings and flexibility.”

CT has been so happy working with Verto truss, that they have built a custom dolly and truss foot system which enables the structure to be assembled and pre-rigged. The foot system keeps truss from being dragged on the floor which prevents black powder from scratching and allows stacking of trusses. It has also allowed CT to add coding system for tracking purposes.

CT purchased the trusses from A.C. Lighting, the North American distributor for Prolyte. According to Prolyte executives, A.C. Lighting Inc. has been instrumental in the steady growth of Prolyte’s product availability, and they have created brand awareness in the North American Market.

“It has been a pleasure working with Ian Dobson and the Creative Technology Group to find a trussing solution that would save them time and money.” commented PJ Turpin, Sales Representative – West Coast U.S.A., A.C. Lighting Inc.

“CT Las Vegas is continuously looking for the most efficient way to prep, build and break shows. The low self-weight, high load capacity, and fast, silent connection makes the Verto truss a perfect fit,” stated Matthijs Meijer, Sales Manager North America.