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USA: Kinesys Enjoys Lively LDI

Kinesys enjoyed a busy and successful LDI (Live Design International) exposition in Las Vegas, having hosted its own booth for the first time at the show.

The three-day event kicked off to a great start with Kinesys’ new Apex motion control system being presented with a 2017 PLSN Gold Star Product Award for ‘Best New Motion Device’. The Apex system incorporates the best of Kinesys’ extensive experience working with variable speed chain hoists, and the result is the pinnacle of chain hoist technology. Kinesys has long been offering a range of safe, reliable and rock-solid off-the-shelf automation systems which are designed to maximize the creative options for show designers and operators.

Apex leaps forward with full SIL3 safety rating across the whole system, more powerful yet more refined performance, and a first for production chain hoists in silent brakes.

David Bond, head of Kinesys’ USA operation commented, “It was a great move to come to Las Vegas this year. It has been a fantastic LDI show, meeting and engaging with many of our current contacts and making lots of new ones. There’s been a real mix of people with genuine interest and solid leads so we have already signed up for next year.”

He confirmed that Apex was one of the products attracting major attention, with the features most impressing people including the incredible smoothness of the motion control, its virtually silent operation and its speed.

Many people were also looking at the Kinesys LibraCELL system and all the advantages this brings as the market generally gets more in tune with the concept of utilizing loads cells in a myriad of circumstances.

With the rise in health & safety awareness, not to mention increased concern for liability, having reliable, comprehensive and easy-to-use monitoring products like LibraCELL is becoming commonplace rather than exclusive.

DST variable speed beam trolley and track system – a collaboration between Kinesys and trussing specialist Litec – was also highlighted at the show, and this was of particular interest to those already working actively with motion control hoists.

The Kinesys team, including founder and CEO Dave Weatherhead, met a good selection of designers and consultants at the show, confirming their belief that automation is becoming an important and sought-after visual element in creative show designs – together with lighting, video, lasers, SFX, drapes and set / scenics.

They also met with many leading U.S. and Canadian rental companies. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to get everyone in one place at one time, and provides a great environment in which to raise awareness of our brand and product lines” stated Dave Weatherhead, adding that they had also been interacting with venue operators, event promoters, a host of practitioners from theatres and the performing arts as well as the healthy crop of internationals making the annual journey to Las Vegas.