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SGP: Illuminate Productions Shines At Kingdom Invasion 2017

Illuminate Productions provided creative and technical production once again for Kingdom Invasion 2017. Almost 10,000 people from 37 nations converged upon Singapore’s Changi Expo from 14-17 March for the popular Christian conference now into its 5th year, with over 10,000 more tuning into the live stream on the final night of open meetings.

Lights for the show were newly purchased and supplied by Glorious AV. They arrived on time and brand new, in boxes straight from the factory. The total fixture count amounted to 24 Claypaky Scenius Spots, 48 Claypaky Sharpys, 24 Claypaky A.Leda B-Eye K20, 48 Robe Robin 600 and over 100 channels of generic fixtures.

Huang Muen, creative and technical director of Illuminate, comments, “The colours of the Scenius Spots were fantastic—they achieved good pastel colours which wowed the audience. In addition, the high CRI proved to be useful for broadcast cameras, with the images turning out very well.”

Illuminate Production controlled and coordinated their lighting fixtures with 2 grandMA2 consoles and d3 Technologies media server. “In order to synchronise the video projection and lighting fixture, we used the d3 Technologies media server along with the grandMa2 console, harmonizing the flow of our video and lighting fixture,” explained Huang Muen.

Prominent Visuals

Aside from the stunning colour and lighting effect, it is highly noticeable that the visuals and videos play a huge part in Kingdom Invasion conference. d3 Technologies media server were used to run the main content for the conference. The d3 4×4 Pro with VFC Quad DVI-card displayed it full potential that night. The servers comes with 16 full HD outputs via VFC cards which allows the output to be run directly eliminating the need for a switcher therefore reducing the video latency issue.

Months before the event, Huang Muen together with his team prepared a prototype or rather a concept studio by creating a virtual 3D representation of the Kingdom Invasion stage. By using the MA’s grandMA2 3D software along with d3 Designer they were able to rehearse the cues and identify problems with their setup before the event.
When it comes to visual, LED screens are now the rising trend. There were a total of five 3.9mm LED screens were installed at the event. The main screen was a 4K panoramic screen that measures 16m x 4m that were flanked by two 4m x 4m screen on each side. In order to project the projections created by d3 Technologies media server, Illuminate production used 4 Christie HD projectors. These projectors were able to project top notch high resolution projection suitable for the event.

Outstanding Sound System

With such a big setup, one should only expect the best. Illuminate Production deployed myriad Clair Brothers i212 line array speakers for reinforcement at the front of the conference. These prominent speakers were noticeable by the audience. As for the sound console, the Front of House console is none other than DiGiCo SD8. The DiGiCo SD8 with a total of 120 channels, 190 dynamic equalizers and equipped with 16 digital fx certainly was suitable for the job. Yamaha PM5D sound mixers were used as monitor consoles. Being a conference event, Illuminate Production supplied the organizers with Shure KSM-9 for main vocals while Beta 58s were given to back-up singers.


Overwhelming Response

Throughout the event, there were many positive feedback not only from the organizers but the audience as well. “Everybody was raving about the lighting!” Huang Muen recounted. “This choice confirms our belief that good lighting makes a real difference to a show. We are blessed to be able to use Claypaky,” reaffirmed Huang Muen. “Illuminate was pushed to the extreme on the final day of Kingdom Invasion,” Mr Huang comments. “We were working on two other major events at the same time. Nonetheless, with the team and the equipment working together, all three events were executed successfully. It’s only when you’re forced to the limit that you’re able to expand.”