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Prolight + Sound: Powersoft Puts Focus On Training

Powersoft will be providing training for users of its amplification technology with a series of three daily sessions at the Prolight + Sound show, with the sessions focusing on the latest implementations within the upcoming release of Armonía Pro Audio Suite.

A particular highlight of this session will be the introduction of the new Powersoft Interactive Tuning, an innovative feature that will improve the process of measuring and aligning a sound system. “The concept of measuring and tuning a sound system has now been changed,” states Powersoft’s System Engineer Manager Luigi Chelli. “There will be no more tiring Pink Noise listening sessions and no more complex multi-microphone setups. ‘Measure once and tune quietly’ is the key concept.

“We hope our customers will pick up a lot of tips and tricks to create their own virtual anechoic measurement spaces,” continues Luigi. “We aim to continuously provide powerful solutions that help audio professionals improve and ease their job to a significant extent.”

Led by the company’s experienced system engineers, Remo Orsoni, together with Luigi Chelli, the first daily session will take place at 11.00am, followed by further sessions at 13.00pm and 15.00pm.

The training sessions will cover the following topics:

– Latest software and firmware development for Touring and Installation amplifiers
– Interactive Tuning plugin overview
– Rational Acoustics Smaart remote connection setup
– Loudspeaker analysis and real-life tuning with multi-way interactive simulated response
– Tips and tricks to create your own virtual anechoic measurement space

The sessions will be hosted at the Powersoft booth at C41 in Hall 3.1, and will also include tutorials on Rational Acousitcs Smaart remote connection setup, and Loudspeaker analysis and real-life tuning with multi-way interactive simulated response.

Registration for the sessions may be done at the Powersoft booth during the event, or by emailing