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Prolight + Sound: Clair Brothers Set To Rock Breakthrough Innovations

Professional sound reinforcement technology manufacturers Clair Brothers will be launching the C12 and C8 line array products, which will be available with Clair True Fit Technology horizontal waveguides that can be custom tailored for any venue. True Fit Technology achieves maximum coverage for audience areas and minimises architectural reflection and anomalies in both, modern or classic buildings.

The C12 and C8 also feature a new transducer technology that offers significant weight reduction and a reduction in amplifier channel requirements. Both the C12 and C8 can also be ordered with a variety of horizontal waveguide patterns. Standard factory waveguides will be 90º and 120º, but a range of waveguides between 60º and 140º are also available.

“We’re continuing the trend of a growing portfolio loaded with strong high-performance products following last year’s debut of so many others,” confirms Josh Sadd, vice president and chief engineer for Clair Brothers.

Besides the C12 and C8, Clair Brothers will also be introducing the 1.5AM+, the active version of the 1.5AM monitor and newest addition to the One Series line.

Says Sadd, “It features a similar amplifier module to the 1AM+ made for Clair by Powersoft. And like the 1AM+, the 1.5AM+ allows the user to power a passive 1.5AM with a slave output. Just connect it by cable to a non-powered 1.5AM and power the pair. Very unique!”

Finally, Clair Brothers will be introducing a point source package called the S2-System, containing the S2-CX (a 15-inch coax containing a 15-inch speaker and 1.5AM horn) and S2-Sub (a 21-inch format available powered or non-powered with a high power Powersoft amp module).

All products will be available for purchase at Clair Brothers’ stand at E37 in Hall 3.1.