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ETC To Exhibit At GET Show 2017

ETC will be showcasing its latest technology at the Guangzhou Entertainment Technology Show, allowing visitors to view products such as the ColorSource family and the Source Four LED Series 2. Product experts will also give product demonstrations and hold discussions to showcase how ETC’s customisable lighting systems are suited to different projects and requirements.

The ColorSource family was designed to make quality light available to venues with limited budgets. Suitable for beginners and lighting professionals alike, the product’s plug-and-play setup and streamlined control features offer programmers hands-on control, data distribution and power control.

The ColorSource Relay wirelessly switches power, transmitting DMX and RDM to hard-to-reach places. ColorSource luminaires also produce brighter and more diverse colours with red, green, blue and lime LED emitters. ColorSource PAR, ColorSource Spot and ColorSource Linear fixtures are colour-calibrated to guarantee dependable colour from fixture to fixture.

The Source Four LED Series 2 produces rich, bright colours with high flexibility – the series’ Lustr luminaire is based on ETC’s x7 Color System, with the addition of a lime LED emitter that results in a brighter open white array and broader colour spectrum.

Designed for studio and other applications, the Daylight HD array produces the coolest white light that replicates natural sunlight, while the Tungsten HD array produces warm white light that mimics tungsten light. Adapters, accessories and lens tubes can be applied to both Source Four LED Series 1 and Series 2 fixtures, expanding their capabilities and adapting to different lighting tasks.

ETC’s products will be displayed at booth 6B-02A during the GET Show from 27 February to 2 March at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou, China.