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Elation On The Road For Rascal Flatts “Rhythms & Roots” Tour

Elation Professional’s ACL 360 Bar color-changing LED battens are being used by lighting designer Andy Knighton to add a flare of lighting dynamism to the Rascal Flatts “Rhythms & Roots” tour, a post-Vegas residency outing that has the country music trio on the road in the U.S. until mid-October.

“The ACL 360 Bars are used as a ‘spice’ for this show to enhance an otherwise typical video background,” says Knighton, who has been designing the lighting for Rascal Flatts since 2003.

rascalflatts1“We were attracted to them due to their affordability, weight, and versatility. The overall visual concept was to be strategic and tasteful and not just bang away all night. They are used in every song but never do we repeat a feature.”

With full 360-degree continuous rotation and a full palette of color from 7 individual 15W RGBW LEDs, a surprising variety of effects can be had from the ACL 360 Bar. Its advanced collimator optic produces a dense, 4-degree beam from each lens and at 22.5” long and only 10” high (22 lbs), the ACL Bar packs a lot of effect into a relatively small package

On the “Rhythms & Roots” set, Knighton has 18 ACL 360 Bar fixtures encircling each of three 22-foot round LED video circles.

“We have had the fixtures exposed and out of the cases and permanently mounted on the scenic pieces for three months now all across this nation and haven’t had the first hiccup,” Knighton states. “They have been absolutely bullet proof and road worthy!”

The lighting package for the Rascal Flatts “Rhythms & Roots” tour is being provided by long time vendor Bandit Lites, who have had Elation gear out on a number of tours this summer.

“There are multiple people in the team and they start with the designer, Mike Swinford,” Knighton concludes.

“He pulled up to the door with this vehicle, threw me the keys and said, ‘have fun.’ The management for both Rascal Flatts and Bandit Lites knew we would rock this!”