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CHN: Shure Amps Up Heroes of Remix

Shure has partnered with China’s first Electronic Dance Music (EDM) television show “Heroes of Remix” to provide performers and audiences an experience of top-notch acoustics and unparalleled audio fidelity. The highly popular music television show is currently aired on Jiangsu TV and is judged by four talented musicians from Asia – Leehom Wang, Phoenix Legend, Harlem Yu and Psy.

As China’s first EDM show, the requirement for wireless systems with extremely efficient and reliable RF performance is high because the wireless systems are widely used by not only the singers, but also the judges, MCs and the band members. Shure worked with one of China’s top sound engineers, He Biao, on the show to deliver superb audio quality.

axient_full_-system_group_white-backgroundShure’s flagship wireless system Axient Wireless Management Network, as well as UHF-R® Wireless Systems and ULX-D Digital Wireless Systems were implemented with a total of 64 channels to ensure the topmost standards of audio quality was upheld within the studio and for television viewers.

Axient wireless system was developed for complex wireless environments like “Heroes of Remix”.

The system features highly advanced planning and control capabilities that are able to preemptively respond to different spectrum management needs. Axient’s efficient use of the available RF spectrum allows for seamless and uninterrupted audio transmission throughout the show.

The AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager was used during rehearsals to detect possible interferences, and could precisely calculate the information necessary for the optimal allocation of available frequencies to all wireless channels.

The entire wireless system was further completed with the Shure UHF-R and the ULX-D wireless systems, as well as two pairs of UA874 active directional antennas for improved signal reception.

Offering a series of high-end features including live frequency scans, the Shure Wireless Workbench® 6 software was also used for all channels in order to systemically manage and monitor available frequencies and backup frequencies to provide reliable audio transmission.

In addition, various Shure microphones including KSM8, KSM9/KSM9HS, Beta58A and WL50 lavalier, were used to carry each performer’s voice with distinct clarity. The world’s first dual-diaphragm handheld dynamic microphone, KSM8, can adapt to a changing studio environment and meet the vigorous requirements of live performance with unprecedented clarity.

The top-of-the line KSM9 and KSM9HS wireless condenser microphones are able to capture vocal subtlety with extraordinary detail for live performances. Visually unobtrusive, the WL50 lavalier microphones are ideal for singers who have to perform live and dance. The Shure microphones provide excellent stability and flexibility for sound engineers to pair with different performance styles.