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CHL: W-DMX amongst winning brands at Guinness World Records

On May 22nd, a new Guinness World record was set at the Bicentenario de la Florida stadium in Santiago, Chile. A total of 2,357 football athletes played a match that lasted 120 hours, a record set before in England that registered 105 continuous hours.

The event organised by Entel and Huaweii required a closing act of the same magnitude than this record achievement – to plan this, the organisers brought Real Audio Sistemas, a national producer in charge to put this together.

guinness2At 7:00PM, 24 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330 lit up the sky of La Florida, along with 6 Clay Paky Alpha Spot 1500 that harmonized the lighting design. Large gobo beams set a powerful tone to this stage, all coming from the dazzling Mythos and Scenius fixtures that contributed to the scale of this event.

The backbone of the lighting performance was provided by W-DMX from Wireless Solution, the unrivalled standard of Wireless DMX technology. Two BlackBox F-1 MKII transceivers were used, sending data from the console for more than 100 meters to the front truss line without disruption, in a stadium with capacity to host between 12,000 to 25,000 people.

“We used W-DMX as it’s a safe and reliable system, and saves us a lot of hours by not having any configuring setup to do: it’s plug & play”, said the happy customer to Valook.

“Winning time in events of this magnitude is essential”.

Francisco Yañez, Product Manager for Valook, has been a great ambassador for the brand in Chile – W-DMX has been used in all major events in the capital, and keeps setting records every time.

“In this particular production, there was no discussion about not using BlackBoxes – the customer already knows how to use it, and trusts its reliable performance,” said Francisco, highlighting the success of the event.

“Real Audio Sistemas are a good customer of ours, and they have never had problems with Wireless DMX. They are extremely happy to be able to integrate W-DMX™ technology in all high-profile events”.

For Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, this project joins an extensive list of prestigious events: “Through the years, we have been able to participate in the most outstanding performances, from a number of Eurovision song-contests in Europe, to the Super Bowl in the United States and several Olympic tournaments. We are delighted to have such placement in Latin America”.