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AUS: W-DMX at the Maritime Museum

As part of this year’s Vivid Sydney light festival, the Australia Museum’s rooftop was once again a big canvas for a lightshow.

Fusion Entertainment were responsible to light up the area around the museum – Paul Walton, managing director of Fusion – collaborated with Show Technology in Australia, and chose ShowPro HEX 18 LED Pars and ShowPro EX36 LED Floods, both IP rated units.

mari2“It goes through a few colour fades and variations keeping within a maritime theme,” said Paul.

The north side of the building was completely lit up by EX36 floods: “The reason they wanted the northern side lit up is that there is a lot of foot traffic from the ferry terminal.”

It was important to use Wireless DMX from Wireless Solution in this side of the building, due to safety issues and constraints in using cables: “That’s why we used some W-DMX as we couldn’t run cable across the main thorough fare. It was just a short link but an important one for safety,” Paul commented.

In total, Fusion Entertainment used two BlackBox F-2 MKII transceivers, which ran two DMX universes from control to the lighting gear.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution, commented, “Sometimes we tend to forget the simplest applications. W-DMX is perfect when safety is the most important thing on-site – no more cable ramps to simply run a few DMX lines. If you have local power where the fixtures positioned, you can quickly run a Wireless DMX feed directly from control, in seconds.”

Wireless Solution is distributed and supported in Australia by Show Technology.