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Designed for use with popular floor-standing truss podiums, the DT-DYNO WHEEL from DuraTruss is an innovative new product that provides lighting users with a more flexible framework on which to mount their fixtures, making it the ideal truss-topper for touring rigs and stage setups.

Key Features:


  • circular design gives lighting designers the freedom and flexibility to hang their moving heads directly downwards or outwards, positioning them all around the truss wheel for hitting different parts of the stage or venue
  • due to its adaptable design, users can also hang branding and signage from the DT-DYNO WHEEL, opening up additional production and marketing options, whether setting up on-stage, down on the exhibition hall floor or inside a house of worship
  • sleek 2-inch (50.8mm) trussing allows a clean display to be created at the center of the stage or venue, running the cables across the top and down the middle of the truss pillar for a neat and effective presentation
  • low net weight (30 lbs (13.6kg)) and manageable 39in (999.7mm) diameter
  • holdsĀ an evenly distributed weight of up to 220 lbs.(99.7kg)

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