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Allen & Heath: GR3 & GR4 Audio Mixers

Allen & Heath has launched two new installation mixers, the GR3 and GR4, designed to provide simple yet comprehensive control of programme audio and announcements for multiple zones in bars, restaurants, stores and other leisure and retail environments. Highly configurable, the GR3 and GR4 are ideally suited to applications requiring multiple input sources and specific priority settings.

Key Features:

  • Both the GR3 and GR4 are 1U rack-mounting audio mixers.
  • Easy access of mic inputs on the front panel for announcements and paging and zonal auto-ducking for paging and emergencies.
  • The innovative control layout allows system integrators to manage which controls are accessible for everyday use.
  • The GR3 has two mic inputs and two stereo inputs, and the GR4 has four mic inputs and four stereo inputs. Additionally, the GR4 has a 3.5mm jack on the front to connect portable music sources.
  • Both units have two stereo zones, and an additional two mono zone outputs are available on the GR4.
  • There is individual mix and selectable control of all inputs to zone 1 and 2, and multiple options for configuring mix outputs to zones 3 and 4 via internal jumpers. Additionally, gain and 2 band EQ is available on all mic inputs with a 2-band EQ available on zones 1 and 2 outputs.
  • Ducking parameters, such as attenuation, hold and release can be adjusted by entering “programming mode” which also allows control over line input crossfade times and the priority line inputs hold and release times.