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What is the ETA Elite Club?

The ETA ELITE CLUB has come about to provide value-added services for visitors who visit exhibitions or events to view or purchase products.

The ETA ELITE CLUB is specifically targeted at key rental & staging companies, systems integration companies, distributors and consultants from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Middle East who visit exhibitions.

There is NO joining fees to be in the ETA ELITE CLUB. However membership is only through INVITATION from Spinworkz Pte Ltd.



To arrange a conducive environment for ETA ELITE CLUB members to visit exhibitions. This includes wherever possible complimentary shuttle services, complimentary welcome dinner, special hospitality space within the exhibition venue with communication facilities provided, as well as a hotline.
By creating this club, it gives us the opportunity to talk as ONE VOICE to Exhibition or Event Organisers. You may already be planning to visit the exhibition or event and hopefully if the club is able to get additional privileges for members, it is a bonus for you at zero cost.


Members will pay for their own flight and accommodation (preferred rate will be provided to members for accommodation at selected hotels). The ETA ELITE CLUB hopes to convince Exhibition Organisers to provide as many of the following services for members:

Complimentary airport transfer to hotel and back to airport

Complimentary shuttle service to and from Exhibition Venue

Complimentary shuttle service to and from Factory visit

Complimentary dinner and/or cocktails during their stay

Special hospitality space within exhibition to relax with coffee, tea and water provided

Business centre within exhibition space to use internet services

*Please note that the above is the planned privileges and depending on the arrangement with exhibition organisers some or all of the services might be provided.


  • To register your details at the link provided.
  • To update us of any changes made in your details.
  • To inform us of your attendance of any of the exhibitions where we have made special arrangements with the organisers.
  • To ensure that emails sent to you from ETA ELITE club is in your white list within your Email platform.
  • To provide us with your company logo and allowing us to use this in our publicity related to ETA ELITE CLUB collaterals ONLY.


Spinworkz Pte Ltd publishes two trade titles targeted at the sound, light and visual industries in Asia. The magazines have been serving Asia for the past 18 years. This endeavour by Spinworkz is to help provide additional value for those who visit exhibitions. 


All details are compulsory. ETA ELITE CLUB will not share your email and mobile numbers with any third party. All communication with you will be through the ELITE CLUB only.