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Innovative Products and Strong Strategic Alliance Illuminate Ayrton’s Path in India

“Ayrton is making significant strides in the Indian market through our strategic alliance with Vardhaman Mega Tech (VMT)” affirmed Prince Vijay (Thaygarajoo), Regional Sales Manager for the Asia Pacific region; as he shared key insights into Ayrton’s approach and ambitions for the Indian market.

Specializing in intelligent LED lighting solutions for the entertainment and the architecture industries; Ayrton has been an established name globally for over two decades. The brand’s entry into the Indian market, however, is a fairly recent development; and Vijay acknowledged the challenges and opportunities this presents. “We are just putting a foothold into the Indian market”, he explained, adding that Ayrton is not expecting instant success but is committed to working hard towards building a sustainable future.

“The Indian market is now evolving rapidly. And Ayrton is coming at the right time when people are beginning to understand and value the worth of having a premium light versus a cheaper alternative” added Vijay, as he identified several market segments poised for significant growth with Ayrton’s entry.

Acknowledging the rental market as a crucial driver for brand awareness and a primary focus for the brand, Vijay informed that Ayrton’s diverse portfolio, which has been designed to cater to various needs, positions it well to serve a host of other markets as well.

Although Ayrton’s partnership with Vardhaman began only late last year, the collaboration has already shown promise. And Vijay expresses optimism about the future, revealing that they are working on several significant projects, faster than initially projected. “We have sold some and are very excitedly working on big projects,” he hinted at forthcoming announcements of high-profile jobs.

Furthermore, he stated that Ayrton’s product lineup features several models particularly well-suited for the Indian market. The competitively priced, lightweight, and extremely powerful Diablo, which was launched in 2019, remains one of Ayrton’s best-selling models worldwide. And Vijay is convinced that the Diablo is poised to witness the same kind of love and appreciation within the Indian market as well. Additionally, the Zonda 3 Wash and the newly launched Nando 502 Wash, both of which complement the Diablo well with their respective bright and sleek options for various applications, are other key products that hold great potential to have a positive influence within the Indian market.

In addition to its line-up of impressive technologies, Ayrton’s commitment to customer service and after-sales support is a cornerstone of its strategy in India. Vijay emphasised the importance of equipping distributors with the right technical knowledge to support customers. “We pride ourselves on customer service after the sale. We ensure our distributor is trained and capable of providing necessary technical expertise,” he said. Ayrton also offers customer training to ensure users can maintain and troubleshoot their products effectively. This comprehensive support framework, likened to a ‘tripod’ involving the distributor, manufacturer, and customer; ensures all parties are well-supported and satisfied.

Looking ahead, Vijay is excited about introducing innovative products tailored for the Indian market. He highlights the potential of the Kyalami, a smaller fixture with a 100-watt laser that pushes all the limits when it comes to beam definition, describing it as “very beautiful” and well-suited for India.


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