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Techcraft by Santhiya Events Upgrades Inventory with Cutting-Edge Sound and LED Technologies

Techcraft by Santhiya Events, a prominent name in event equipment services based in Chennai,  continues to raise the bar in live event production with its latest upgrades in sound and LED technologies; with their acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment underscoring the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch audiovisual experiences for their clients.

Most notably, the company has bolstered its sound reinforcement capabilities with the addition of the renowned V Series line array system from d&b Audiotechnik. This upgrade includes 20 units of the high-performance 3-way passive V Series line array modules, 8 units of the compact yet powerful B22 subwoofers, and 5 units of the d40 four-channel Class D mobile amplifiers, all sourced through Ansata, the official distributors of d&b Audiotechnik in India.

Expressing his excitement about the procurement of the new d&b Audiotechnik gear, Aravind Sampath of Techcraft shared that the technical prowess of the system is what impressed a positive influence on his investment decision. He stated, “The symmetrical dipolar arrangement of the LF drivers and coaxial MF and HF components in the V Series ensures exceptional horizontal constant directivity dispersion control, resulting in pristine sound quality and uniform coverage across venues of any size. Additionally, the B22 subwoofers’ INFRA mode and Cardioid Subwoofer Array configuration offer impressive low-frequency directivity control, enhancing the overall listening experience.”

Prior to this upgrade, Techcraft had expanded its LED inventory with over 1200 square feet of P3.9 outdoor LED walls from Digital Systems, a reputable Indian manufacturer. These LED panels, designed for flexibility and durability, offer exceptional picture quality and clarity, making them ideal for outdoor events. Aravind Sampath highlighted, “The P3.9 LED panels’ ultra-high brightness and lightweight design ensure vivid visuals even in broad daylight, while its unique and innovative design facilitates easy handling and quick installation—a perfect blend of functionality and convenience.”

Furthermore, earlier in the year, Techcraft became the first company in South India to acquire the renowned L450+ digital mixing console system from Solid State Logic (SSL); with the company’s investment encompassing the L450+ control surface along with 3 units of the ML32.2 stage boxes to offer enhanced I/O and routing capabilities. The cutting-edge L450 console, equipped with SSL Live’s patented Optimal Core Processing (OCP) technology, delivers superior sonic performance and advanced workflow capabilities. As Aravind commented, “The L450’s unparalleled processing power, extensive I/O options, and ergonomic design provide us with the flexibility and control needed to meet the demands of diverse live productions, from corporate events to live concerts.”

With these strategic investments in cutting-edge audio and visual technologies, Techcraft by Santhiya Events reaffirms its commitment to being a leader in delivering immersive and unforgettable live event experiences, with Aravind rounding off stating, “As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation by constantly upgrading our inventory with the latest in professional live event technologies, our clients can expect nothing short of excellence in every production.”

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