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TDC Unveils New Initiatives Led by Graham Henstock

Drew Ferors, Head of Technical Services & Training, with Training Consultant Graham Henstock

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Technical Direction Company (TDC) has expanded and revitalised its in-house training program, TDCT, with the engagement of Graham Henstock as a Training Consultant.

“Technology constantly improves and evolves, and TDC is at the forefront of delivering the best possible results for our important clients, whether it be record-breaking amazing visuals for events, immersive experiences, film or theatre productions with TDC Studios,” said Drew Ferors, Head of Technical Services & Training at TDC.

Graham Henstock brings over 25 years of industry experience and educational expertise to the team. His diverse career spans roles as an educator, designer, consultant, arts journalist, and technical manager. Henstock is esteemed as one of Australia’s prominent theatre professionals, highlighted by his recent tenure as Director at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)’s Centre for Technology, Production, and Management, where he led the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Technical Theatre and Stage Management.

TDC has long collaborated with NIDA, providing students with training in stage and live performance technology such as LED screens, large-scale projection, and broadcast camera systems, as well as supplying such video technology for NIDA’s student productions throughout the year. TDC also provides an annual scholarship for eligible students taking the Diploma of Technical Services.

With extensive experience in independent productions and key technical roles at prestigious companies like the Melbourne Theatre Company and Sydney Theatre Company, Graham Henstock’s expertise extends across all facets of theatre and event production, characterised by creative and innovative problem-solving.

“We are committed to developing talent and ensuring our team members have access to the best training opportunities available. Graham Henstock’s knowledge and dedication to training makes him the perfect addition to our team as we enhance our own training program and empower our staff with the skills they need to succeed,” added Ferors.

Revitalised TDCT coursework includes a new Learning Management System
TDC’s training initiatives provide continuous learning opportunities for all staff members. The recently launched in-house Learning Management System (LMS) offers secure online access to more than 100,000 courses from over 200 training providers, allowing TDC employees to pursue professional development at their own pace and convenience.

The updated TDCT coursework will be introduced to staff through the new LMS, with a combination of online modules, self-driven situational scenarios, and classroom-based learning. Graham Henstock oversees the development and integration of classroom and online modules, ensuring accessibility for all TDC permanent staff. He focuses on revitalising TDC’s Video Fundamentals coursework, strengthening senior technical training, and developing industry-specific project-based and soft skills. These are fundamentals that are currently not available at the requisite level from any training provider within Australia, which is another reason why TDC has developed TDCT in-house.

“At TDC, our people are our greatest asset. Investing in their development ensures consistent project delivery for clients,” said Michael Hassett, Founder & Managing Director at TDC. “I’m excited to see Graham Henstock enhance the specialised training for TDC’s technical staff.”