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Astra Wash19Pix Lights Up the Australian Chinese New Year Gala

The vibrant and captivating Astra Wash19Pix by PROLIGHTS took center stage at the 2024 Chinese New Year Gala in Adelaide, Australia. This annual celebration, held at the prestigious Adelaide Entertainment Centre, showcased the rich tapestry of Chinese culture through a dazzling array of over 60 performances. From the powerful grace of martial arts demonstrations to the soaring vocals of opera singers, the infectious laughter of comedians, the harmonious voices of choirs, and the mesmerizing movements of dance troupes, the Gala captivated the audience and illuminated the stage with a vibrant and captivating display of the enduring vitality of Chinese heritage.

The stage lighting, featuring the Astra Wash19Pix, showcased exceptional creative versatility. Equipped with 19 Osram RGBW LEDs, an external pixel ring, and a top-tier optical system, these fixtures delivered impactful performances across all types of shows.

Scene Change’s feedback on the Astra Wash19Pix was overwhelmingly positive: “The efficiency and reliability of the Astra Wash19Pix allowed us to achieve unprecedented lighting quality. Its versatility and wide range of effects enabled us to create unique atmospheres for each performance, confirming it was the perfect choice for the event.”