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GLP set to showcase vast new product portfolio at Prolight + Sound

As the winter/spring exhibition season builds up to its finale, GLP has saved the best for last. Following the outstanding reception to its latest product portfolio at both LDI in Las Vegas and ISE in Barcelona, visitors to Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt (19–22 March) can expect not only to see all these in action, but a lot more besides (at their combined booths in Hall 12.1). This will make it one of the most important expo presentations in GLP’s history.

The company expects the JDC2 IP hybrid strobe to be as well received in Frankfurt as it was at the international trade fairrs. The new IP65 JDC2 IP is larger than its predecessor, significantly brighter and also offers a wealth of new features.

To underline the significance of this latest product launch, an interpretation of the world’s largest JDC2 IP will be displayed above the GLP stand in Frankfurt – formed by 120 impression X5 Compact and a powerful “strobe line” of 40 JDC2 IP in the centre.

Also with an eye on the outdoor market, with its IP65 rating, is the impression X5 IP Maxx, a more powerful partner to the impression X5 Wash, making it suitable for projection requirements over greater distances.

Boasting an extensive effects package, the impression X5 IP Maxx emits an extraordinary luminous flux of up to 24,000 lumens from 37 powerful 40W RGBL LEDs – with an expanded colour space. Like all products of X5 Series, the X5 IP Maxx is equipped with the iQ.Gamut colour algorithm, which delivers deeply saturated and accurate colour nuances.

Turning to FUSION, the FUSION X-PAR 8Z and FUSION X-PAR 18Z complete the family of weatherproof LED PARs, with motorised zoom.

The FUSION X-PAR 8Z (80W) is the most compact and lightest (4.5kg) representative in the series, suitable for a wide range of situations where space is limited. In contrast, the FUSION X-PAR 18Z has a 180W RGBL LED engine, for the highest power output, while the FUSION X-PAR 12Z outputs 120W. A new addition to the FUSION line will be the FUSION Exo Hybrid 30.

Added to this, GLP will also provide advanced sneak peeks of the impression S500 Profile HQ and impression S500 Profile HO, which will go into production shortly, followed by the impression S500 Wash HQ later this year.

Finally, the popular X4w atom has now also moved onto the X5 platform, and visitors will be able to preview the X5 atom IP head and X5 atom IP PSU6.