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Astera Launches ProjectionLens for PlutoFresnel

Astera is boosting the creative potential and functionality of its battery powered PlutoFresnel LED luminaire with the launch of the new ProjectionLens which transforms it into a profile fixture.

Profiles and fresnels are a versatile go-to standard light for any designer’s toolbox, whether lighting a dance, drama, or opera performance, or highlighting sets and people – specials – for a concert or music show as well as for key lighting events, from a conference to an awards show. They are also a classic standard for fashion show runways, producing smooth, even lighting coverage that’s perfect for photos and video reels highlighting clothes and models.

Astera Fresnels are ideal for numerous lighting scenarios – from film and broadcast to a wide range of live events – and the ProjectionLens is expected to be especially popular for events. The ProjectionLens offers precision optics, zoom, accurate shutters for highlighting specific areas, plus gobos, all giving the Fresnel the value of being a truly multifunctional lighting fixture.

The ProjectionLens is quickly and efficiently installed by sliding in and out of the luminaire. The integrated manual zoom has a range of 16° to 36° for projection and is simply adjusted by twisting the lens barrel like a camera zoom lens. Two focus wheels are included in the ProjectionLens to assist in producing crystal-clear gobo projection at any distance. One is for standard focus and the other enables a focus for close proximity surfaces.

The E-Sized gobo holder means the projection of shapes, breakups and other effects and custom logos / gobos are seamless and eye-catching, with the projected beam or gobo image aligned and focused by rotating and tilting the lens barrel. A four-leaf shutter design offers maximum beam control by allowing the projected and lit areas to be trimmed as needed. This option greatly enhances the adaptability of Astera’s highly portable wireless PlutoFresnel which was launched in June 2023.

The PlutoFresnel has a 15° to 60° beam angle without any colour fringing and has both wired and wireless DMX control with up to 3 hours run time utilising the inbuilt battery. Powered by Astera’s full spectrum high rendition Titan LED engine, the fixture has an impressive output comparable to a traditional 300W Tungsten fresnel, with power consumption of less than 80W.

It weighs just 4.5kg and is ideal for fitting into small and less accessible spaces on sets or stages. There are also multiple rigging options. The fixture has a removable handle, foldable legs and YokeBases.

The new ProjectionLens will vastly increase the potential of Astera’s PlutoFresnel for stage and theatrical applications, events, and installations, and has been developed after gathering extensive feedback from event companies, lighting designers and other end users embracing the fresnel range. Input has come from worldwide via Astera’s distribution network.

With the ProjectionLens, Astera Fresnels can now also be profile lights with a set of dynamic gobos, the Titan engine’s high CRI and excellent range of whites all with the convenience of wireless operation.