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ETC High End Systems Ministar Provides Innovation and Affordability

ETC has introduced the High End Systems Ministar, a “game-changer in our automated lighting product line”. Ministar brings versatility and performance at an affordable price point; with a compact footprint, punchy output, and a professional feature set, Ministar fits the spec and budget for small to medium-sized venues.

Key features that define the fixture include the dual colour wheels that create the VersaColor technology, offering a spectrum of 60 pure and elegant colours that are accessible via a single channel. This empowers users to create beauty with an extensive range of colour options.

Complementing the VersaColor is QuadraTech, an innovation that harnesses the power of four colours within the projection. This technology helps users unlock multiple colour combos that are easy to use while providing unique projections and aerials.

Ministar uses a 300W custom LED to generate an impressive output exceeding 9,700 lumens. Its feature package includes dual pattern wheels for gobo morphing and textural manipulation, variable frost for softening edges and washes, a prism to elevate theatrical applications and create breathtaking aerial effects, and swift pan & tilt functionality for dynamic movements.

Notably, its engineered 6.5° – 48° zoom function is housed within a remarkably lightweight 16.2 kg/35.7 lbs design.