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CODA Audio CiRAY Lines Up to Deliver Ultimate Flexibility

CODA Audio has launched its CiRAY compact full-range, dual 10” line array system. As the third element of CODA’s VCA ‘family’, alongside ViRAY (dual 8”) and the flagship AiRAY (dual 12”), CiRAY has been developed by CODA to deliver flexibility for rental companies and complete a full spectrum of line array products for installation.

As well as building further upon CODA’s revolutionary patented technologies to offer an ultra-light, ultra-compact standalone system, CiRAY can also work seamlessly with its ‘siblings’ for optimum mix and match configuration to obtain the best sonic and logistical outcomes for a host live and installed applications.

The VCA range shares CODA Audio’s unique technologies, including the patented Dual Diaphragm Planar Wave Driver (DDP), Coupler technology and FS-FIR Filters, with CiRAY also benefitting from the addition of CODA’s very latest Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC).

From a setup point of view CiRAY is “one of the quickest and most efficient systems now available”. The ultra-light, ultra-compact loudspeakers are transportable as a 6-pack on a specially designed dolly with covers and LID technology for efficient truck storage. An overall hang of 12 loudspeakers (2 x 6) can be set up in minutes by just a single operator, with all cabinets set for their relative angles to drop into place once lifted. Three cabinets can be powered from just one channel of CODA’s LINUS14 DSP amplifier – thus only one amplifier is required for a full hang of 12 using an industry standard power amp cable.

CiRAY utilises the same unique Coupler technology as the rest of the VCA family, giving horizontal dispersion control down to 200 Hz with coverage options of 60°, 90°, and 120°. CiRAY comes with the added advantage of easy access, using CODA’s Quick Release grille and the ability to change horizontal dispersion instantly by means of CODA’s proprietary Instafit Magnetic Couplers.

Compatible with the VCA family, both acoustically and mechanically, the SC2-F dual 15” sensor-controlled low frequency extension overlaps the VCA line arrays in the 35-200Hz range. The SC2-F can be strategically deployed in one of many ways – either to seriously increase the low frequency impact and headroom of the system in a long-throw configuration, or to provide an accurate cardioid dispersion pattern over the entire frequency range when flown behind the line array. Additionally, the SC2-F could be utilised in a beam split configuration, making the system adaptable to almost any application.

Completing the VCA range with CiRAY reflects CODA’s recognition of its customers’ need for flexibility, longevity and return on investment. Instead of the traditional (and expensive) route of creating separate systems for designated applications, CODA Audio seeks to embed compatibility in its ranges, allowing in this case one family of loudspeakers to comfortably cater for audiences of a few hundred to tens of thousands. Typically, ViRAY works for venues up to 5000 capacity, CiRAY handles up to 20,000 and the long-throw AiRAY handles events up to and over 50,000. However, the compatibility of the VCA range allows the configuration of bespoke systems by mixing and matching the three elements for optimum performance.