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Creative Options Abound with Elation’s Proteus Hybrid MAX

Building upon the success of Elation’s market-proven and award-winning Proteus series of multi-environmental luminaires, the Proteus Hybrid MAX is poised to write the next chapter in the company’s lighting innovation. With more output in a sleeker, more compact IP66 design, the Proteus Hybrid MAX is not only faster, brighter, and tougher than its predecessor—the multi-functional luminaire that sparked the IP revolution in automated lighting—it leaves all competitors in the dust. The Proteus Hybrid MAX doesn’t just raise the bar; it sets an entirely new standard in the industry.

Say goodbye to choosing between cumbersome beam and spot modes and welcome a real beam/spot/wash hybrid capable of true linear zoom in any configuration. Create wide ranges of powerful effects from a 1.8° shaft of light to a best-in-class 45° wide beam, and everything in between. The ultra-fast zoom offers the most extensive range among all hybrids available in the market. An added frost softens light allowing the unit to be used as a precision wash unit at any angle from the extra-large 170mm front aperture lens.

Powered by the Philips MSD Platinum FLEX 500 lamp with a lamp life of up to 4,000 hours, and boasting a category-best 22,000 lumens of brilliance, the Proteus Hybrid MAX produces vividly potent beams, precise gobos, and vibrant washes, making it a flexible fixture for any application.

The advanced optical system with auto-focus is also incredibly efficient. The lamp offers variable operation for power savings and increased efficiency, while still delivering output comparable to large format Xenon fixtures but with a significantly smaller footprint. The Platinum lamp is dimmable for even more savings and a Hibernation Mode reduces power to the lamp when not in use. The lower internal heat produced extends the life of not only the lamp but all internal components of the fixture.

Speed and Precision
Speed moves to the forefront with Elation’s Fast Advanced Features (FAF), a novel initiative that enhances the speed of virtually all attributes of the Proteus Hybrid MAX (pan/tilt, zoom, colour mixing, etc.), allowing it to perform faster than any previous automated luminaire, and with precise accuracy.

A revamped CMY colour mixing system with a 16-position colour wheel offers virtually unlimited colour options and is lightning-fast for immediate, seamless transitions and instant colour bumps. CTO colour correction ensures you get the exact balance and hues you desire.

Graphics Innovation
Break from visual norms and repetitive cueing with a massive toolbox of visual FX. The Proteus Hybrid MAX has 8 x rotating replaceable glass gobos, 16 x static-fixed metal gobos, and a host of animation options from Elation’s first-of-its-kind Tri-Tier Animation system. Three animation surfaces with multiple motion tracks add organic and natural motion or fresh explosive visuals to craft the most spectacular concerts and stage shows. Additionally, four prisms divided between dual overlapping planes split beams of light in virtually unlimited combinations of lighting projections or stunning aerials. The comprehensive FX package includes a speedy iris for beam control and a high-speed shutter/strobe, right at your fingertips.
Creative options abound with the Proteus Hybrid MAX so when the moment calls for that extra flair, the fixture can pan continuously while ensuring that the other fixtures in the rig are in perfect synchronicity. Elation’s new SpinSync tracking functionality allows rotation of the head in a continuous 360° pan and guarantees that fixtures match rotation in perfect synchronous motion.

Sky Motion
The Proteus Hybrid MAX includes Elation’s innovative Sky Motion system, which transforms the luminaire into a mesmerizing searchlight and skytracker, without the need for a dedicated lighting controller. The Sky Motion system allows standalone operation and is easy to set up and adjust directly from the fixture display, even for non-lighting users, expanding the usability of the fixture beyond traditional show lighting applications. Multiple fixtures can be interconnected and with the simple assignment of IDs, the fixture provides immediate access to a variety of movement patterns that are easily adjustable in size, speed, and colour directly from the display.

Expanded Control Possibilities
With DMX, Art-Net, sACN, and RDM support, and internal program macros for quick programming, the Proteus Hybrid MAX gives you total control. It’s also Elation’s first fixture to feature NFC (Near Field Communication) and Aria X2 (wireless DMX), expanded wireless control that makes for a more convenient and faster setup. NFC allows you to set up and test fixtures from your phone while Aria XR is the next-generation wireless DMX control offering more reliable, configurable and expanded range coverage.

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