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Creative Technology Expands Audio Offering with Major Investment in d&b Technology

Creative Technology Middle East (CTME) has expanded its audio services through a substantial investment in d&b audiotechnik products. This strategic move positions CTME as the Middle East’s largest stockholder of d&b equipment and reinforces their commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences to their clients.

In 2022, CTME took the lead in introducing the XSL line array module to the region, showcasing their commitment to innovation. The expanded inventory includes an impressive range of d&b products, such as the AL-Series, Y-Series Point Source, V-Series Point Source, V-SUB, E-Series, S-Series, and D80 Amplifiers.

Wissam Shaheen, CTME’s head of Audio, explained, “The debut of the XSL line array module has been particularly well-received, enabling us to deliver unparalleled sonic performance in even the most demanding environments. This, combined with our extensive d&b portfolio, ensures we are equipped to address any event’s unique audio requirements.”

One particular highlight is CTME’s investment in d&b’s SoundScape spatial audio system. Shaheen noted, “We strongly believe that immersive, object-based audio is the future of sound reinforcement, and this investment demonstrates our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.”

He went on to say, “We are excited to continue expanding our 2023 audio offerings with the integration of d&b’s latest products, such as the KSL Series, SL-SUB, and the advanced D40 Amps. These additions to our repertoire will further enhance our ability to provide exceptional audio solutions for events of any scale or complexity.”

The impact of CTME’s notable d&b investment can be seen in the success of several prestigious events. These include the Dubai World Cup 2023, Expo City’s Jubilee Stage, Qatar Economic Forum 2022 and 2023, Fashion Trust Arabia, UAE’s Commemoration Day, and Doha Debates, among others. CTME’s commitment to quality and innovation has played a crucial role in elevating these events to new heights.

Shaheen concluded. “Our ongoing investment in advanced audio technology reflects our commitment to quality, innovation, and setting the bar in exceptional audio experiences.”