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Flexibility of Green-GO ‘No Central Matrix” Design Highlighted at Pucheng Grand Theater

Opened in 2022, the Pucheng Grand Theater serves as a focus for cultural and performing arts activities in Pucheng County, a south-eastern county within China’s Fujian Province. As such, it hosts a varied programme of event and performance types.

While its main auditorium can accommodate up to 951 audience members, the building also features a range of other event and performance spaces across its five levels, including a movie theatre and a conference hall. Unsurprisingly, its busy technical team must rely on solid communications to ensure smooth operations across the site.

Responsible for the new venue’s audio system design, installation and commissioning was one of China’s leading specialist AV solutions providers, EZPro. The company’s technical manager Fan Gaoqing explained,  “To meet the needs of the varied performances and activities, flexibility and stability is absolutely critical. The project needed an intercom system with a good quality of sound, which is easy to use and would be scalable. Therefore, we chose the innovative Green-GO digital intercom solution.”

Aside from its sound quality and reliability, Green-GO’s digital Ethernet-based communications system is known for its cost-effectiveness and scalability. As a multi-channel intercom system, it combines both wired and wireless elements, and because it does not depend on an expensive and complicated central matrix at its core – the matrix exists within the processor of each individual device – it has no single point of failure.

Within a network, up to 3,000 users can be accommodated in up to 250 groups, with full-duplex communication. What’s more, it can be used on existing networks, avoiding the cost or additional wiring installation. This, plus its plug-and-play simplicity and ability to integrate with existing communications networks, makes Green-GO a go-to solution for entertainment, broadcast, production and attraction applications worldwide.

The system chosen for the Pucheng Grand Theater includes 4 x Green-GO MCXD multi-channel desk stations and 2 x MCX multi-channel rack stations, configured with 6 x BPX multi-channel wired beltpacks. Further extending the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Green-GO system, 2 x INTERFACE X units are also provided, giving the additional advantage of the option to incorporate 2-wire or 4-wire analogue intercom systems into the Green-GO network. One RDX radio interface is also configured in the system, which allows integration with the intercom system for security guards and other staff using portable radios.

EZPro’s client at Pucheng Grand Theater, Beijing Zhongdinglitian Electronic Technology Development Co, spoke highly of the great flexibility of Green-GO system’s ‘no central matrix’ design and Ethernet-based architecture.