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Vari-Lite Delivers power and clarity for Numan’s 40th anniversary tour

For the UK tour marking the 40th anniversary of Gary Numan’s career as a solo artist, lighting designer Luke Edwards called on the power and clarity of the VL2600 Profile luminaire from Vari-Lite.

“Although this tour was to celebrate the fact that Gary has been touring for 40 years, he is still very much an artist in the present,” said Edwards. “So we’re using the newest technology, with a large video wall and stage set design for the size of venues we are playing.”

Placed on tiered risers upstage, 14 x VL2600 Profile fixtures created strong gobo looks through the band, as well as beam and mid-air effects. “I was looking primarily for brightness and clarity, which the VL2600 Profile handles particularly well,” he said. “I would have thought they were a discharge lamp source, instead of LED.”

Edwards enjoyed the advantage of the VL2600 Profile’s compact form and punchy output.

“The compact size is a big advantage, as space is usually at a premium. With a relatively small footprint and incredible brightness and gobo clarity, it was still powerful enough to cut through the air, even against the video content, and even with a gobo and colour.”

Impressed by the fixture’s output and colour, excellent gobo clarity and high colour temperature, Edwards said, “The Vari-Lites absolutely delivered, and I will use them again, without a doubt. In fact, they have already been drawn into next year’s tour designs.”

Images © Nick Pope