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ConnecTechAsia 2018: Stagetec Asia will showcase IP-based console, AVATUS

For the first time in Asia, Stagetec Asia will showcase the new IP based console, “The Avatus”, which was launched in Berlin last year. The AVATUS is the future of audio consoles. This innovative concept makes full use of the benefits offered by IP technology, and the console controller provides TCP/IP connectivity for integration into a network

AVATUS is designed and customized to meet the demand of our customers’ requirements for IP-based technology. In line with their wishes, AVATUS is extremely flexible and boasts a limitless concept that allows users to configure console settings and central desk function through a touchscreen. Customization of the user interface and its features is greatly simplified, enabling AVATUS to be adapted according to the needs of professionals in the broadcast, theatre and live entertainment fields.
Other significant features of AVATUS include:

1. Full use of IP Technology, providing TCP/IP Connectivity for integration into a network.
2. Supports remote network connection and browser-based mixing that does not require specific hardware.
3. Colour-coding of faders and rotary encoders, which enables rapid and intuitive operation
4. New Router InterFace AES67 (RIF67) board, designed in cooperation with DirectOut Technologies

Stagetec Asia will be located at booth 6D4-01.