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CHN: Adamson Offers Legendary Reinforcement for Gaming Tournament at Bird’s Nest Stadium

Over 40,000 spectators gathered to take in the final event of the 2017 League of Legends S7 World Championships in November 2017 at Beijing, China’s iconic Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium. The audio system for the event, which included over 200 Adamson E-Series and S-Series loudspeakers, ran without any interruption for nearly 96 hours, leading up to the winner being declared.

League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena video game, with national tournaments hosted in several countries around the world. The S7 World Championships began with a pool of 12 international teams that, over the course of two months of live gameplay, was whittled down to the final two: Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom T1, both from South Korea. The two teams faced off in the nearly four-day final at the Bird’s Nest, with the Samsung Galaxy team earning a decisive 3-0 victory.

Beijing Global Visual Culture Development (BGVCD), a well-known audio solutions provider, and Real Music Acoustic & Lighting Technology, the exclusive distributor of Adamson products in China, deployed the substantial Adamson audio system in the country’s largest stadium.

Adamson E15 array for League of Legends S7 World Championships at Beijing National Stadium

“The S7 organizers were very strict when it came to which audiovisual products could be considered for the World Championships,” begins Wang He, BGVCD’s lead engineer for the application. “They insisted that the sound and lighting systems be able to work continuously for 96 hours without powering down or any type of audio failure, and we knew that in addition to offering the best audio quality, Adamson products would easily stand up to the challenge.”

The system included four main arrays comprised of 18 Adamson E15 three-way, true line source enclosures and six E12 three-way, full range enclosures in each. Due to the E15s’ long throw capabilities, no delays were required. For low end, there were 16 groups of three E219 subwoofers per side, ground stacked in cardioid configurations, and an additional pair of arrays with 12 S119 subs to handle low end. Then, two groups of six compact S10 two-way, full range boxes were deployed as front fills on each side of the stage.

In addition to the live gameplay and commentary, the system was also put to use in a spectacular augmented reality application that had a virtual dragon soaring through the stadium, plus musical performances by Taiwanese singer Jay Chou and American rock band Against the Current, which recorded and performed the song “Legends Never Die” specifically for the League of Legends S7 World Championships.

Real Music made extensive use of Adamson’s Blueprint AV prediction simulation modeling suite for the system design.

Adamson Blueprint AV coverage model for League of Legends S7 World Championships at Beijing National Stadium

“Considering the size and layout of the venue coupled with the unique nature of the event, precise control over directivity, coverage, and SPLs was critical,” comments Liu Kaiji, the lead engineer with Real Music. “Blueprint AV made this process totally seamless and ensured we had the best possible performance from the system, which was very impressive.”

“We’re continually gaining traction with the Adamson brand in China, and having such a large system for this kind of high-profile event at a venue as prestigious as Bird’s Nest is proof of that,” adds Real Music Owner Zhen “Richie” Wang. “While China didn’t have a team competing in the finals, the Chinese fans were thrilled with the event, and we know that great sound played a big part in delivering this thrilling experience throughout the four-day run.”