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AUT: Aspen Dental Wows Leadership Retreat Participants With LED Displays, Projections And AV Stumpfl RAW Media Servers

With more than 1.5 million patients seen in 2016, the Aspen Dental network of independent dental care providers is one of the largest and fastest growing in the U.S.

One of the most important events in the Aspen Dental network’s calendar is without doubt its annual Leadership Retreat, which helps dentists to network with other practice owners and to learn how to make the most of dental practice ownership opportunities.

Featuring exciting keynote speakers, highly relevant presentations and awards ceremonies, Aspen Dental Leadership Retreats have to deliver information, inspiration and entertainment at the highest quality level possible.

For the 2017 Leadership Retreat, which was held in Scottsdale, Arizona last summer, Aspen Dental approached the Cleveland-based event production company Impact Communications to help achieve its vision for an unforgettable experience.

One thing was clear from the start: the context of a highly successful dental practice network required uncompromising quality on all fronts, including the audio-visual presentations.

After the initial show design concept had been approved by the client, Impact Communications began looking for the best technical solution to help turn its vision of 14 projection surfaces and multiple LED installations into a vibrant reality.

Evolve, the Orlando-based and technology-focused sales, rental and leasing company, provided Impact Communications with state-of-the-art equipment that included award-winning AV Stumpfl media servers.

The triple stream AV Stumpfl Wings Engine RAW server

A triple stream AV Stumpfl Wings Engine RAW server was used for feeding content to two 192 tile LED walls (2.9mm pitch) and two 15’ x 45’ ft. projection surfaces.

Since their introduction in 2016, RAW servers have become a household name in the AV industry when it comes to extreme processing power and reliability in connection with ultra-high resolution projection and LED setups.

A Wings Engine STAGE media server was additionally used to play out content to two 14 tile and two 16 tile LED columns, plus three 16 x 9 images that were being distributed across 10 ceiling-hung scenic projection surfaces. The software flexibility and super robust chassis design makes STAGE servers a natural choice for a great variety of rental and staging scenarios.

The Austrian media server systems handled a total of more than 21 million pixels during the inspiring event.

Tyler Mayne, CEO of Evolve media group, commented: “We trust AV Stumpfl’s Wings platform for its speed and flexibility when programming, and once that’s done, to be a rock-solid performer during the show.”

Evolve also provided backup servers and two Barco E2 image processors.

Impact Communications’ Bob Foley concluded: “Providing an immersive experience to our clients is our number one goal in message delivery for every event. The AV Stumpfl Wings server was able manage the massive pixel space created for the Aspen Dental Leadership Retreat. The server provided the speed, flexibility and stability to deliver the dream. Our content vision is often demanding and ever changing, Wings delivered. Evolve once again provided flawless, topnotch service and the team shined.”

Photo credits to Evolve Media Group.