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beyerdynamic TG Wireless Manager: Professional Software Management For Wireless Systems

beyerdynamic is introducing a new software program called TG Wireless Manager that can centrally monitor and control wireless systems with a network interface. The clearly structured, intuitive user interface, combined with meaningful feature naming, makes it particularly simple to use.

In addition to the remote control, the TG Wireless Manager enables the calculation of intermodulation-free frequency set-ups – not just for beyerdynamic systems, but also regarding products from other market players. beyerdynamic systems can also be configured offline, allowing multi-channel setups to be created easily prior to an event. Useful user groups can be configured for beyerdynamic wireless systems such as the TG 1000 digital premium product.

The RF environment conditions can be monitored continuously during live applications with the TG Wireless Manager thanks to an integrated scan function. The radius of action that can be covered reliably can be determined conveniently by means of a “walking test”.

The TG Wireless Manager’s discreet design offers a clear overview and allows for quick navigation, even in low-light environments. The “Layout” menu item allows users to adjust the display of individual channels to individual needs. Each channel can be assigned its own colour and a freely selectable image, thus allowing you to organise the work interface even more efficiently.

By using different tabs, users can create different displays that meet individual preferences – for example, important and less important channels can be separated. TG Wireless Manager also supports drag-and-drop technology and includes common file management options.

Channels can be given individual names and each channel’s settings (frequency, transmission power, etc.) can be adjusted. Additional information that is independent of the actual name (e.g. the routing of the radio channel on the stage box) can be stored in the software as an add-on.

After preparing in offline mode, a project created with the TG Wireless Manager can be activated using the “Go Online” button. Settings can either be transferred from the project to the connected devices or, conversely, they can be transferred from the devices to the project. As soon as a transmitter is switched on, all the information about the transmitter in use that is required for monitoring, is displayed on the channel interface, including the HF and AF level, battery status, transmitter type (handheld/beltpack), the name assigned to the channel and the transmission frequency.

The HF coverage can be tested easily on-site by means of a “walking test”. This function is displayed in a separate window, which can be positioned anywhere on the screen. After selecting the desired channel, walk around the required radius of action with the relevant transmitter. The software records the HF level of both antennas, making it immediately clear if there are individual positions where there is no satisfactory radio coverage.

The TG Wireless Manager offers the option of scanning the HF spectrum to detect possible interference (for example due to DVB-T). The frequency range and desired resolution are to be determined before starting the scan. Users can carry out either a single scan or a continuous scan. Scanning can be stopped at any time. The “Save” button saves the result, either as an image or as an Excel file. The scan data can also be used to perform a frequency calculation.

A multi-channel frequency setup can be calculated under the “Frequency calculation” program tab. All beyerdynamic wireless microphones will be recorded in the software along with their frequency parameters, and can be used directly. Third-party systems can either be set up on their own or else are already available. Every setup can be calculated with a balance between the highest possible number of channels and the maximum transmission reliability across three security levels. Potential interference, for example caused by DVB-T, can be stored in advance or based on scan data, meaning that a reliable setup is always calculated.

The TG Wireless Manager is available free of charge for Windows computers and is available for download from the beyerdynamic website. A macOS version will also be available as a free download shortly. The TG Wireless Manager will also be unveiled at the NAMM Show from 25-28 January.