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USA: LMG Touring Supplies Elation ACL 360i for G-Eazy and Logic “The Endless Summer” Tour

Photo by Craig Mitchell

LMG Touring has supplied a full lighting package including over 200 Elation ACL 360i beam effect fixtures for rappers G-Eazy and Logic’s co-headlining “The Endless Summer” tour.

G-Eazy’s Production Designer Sooner Routhier developed the design concept for G-Eazy’s set. She comments: “We needed a small, lightweight fixture that we could use to populate a series of pods upstage. Management wanted to see a wall of lights behind G-Eazy that could create a lot of EDM style effects and the 360i ACL fit the bill perfectly.”

Each compact single-beam ACL 360i light houses a single 60W RGBW LED and projects a narrow 4° beam. With the ability to rotate continuously 360-degrees, the large matrix of beam fixtures makes for a creative and eye-catching show of ever-changing rays of light.

The all-star rap tour features 568 lighting fixtures in all. “We wanted to make sure that we had massive lighting looks that are clean and efficient,” states Routhier.

“We use a large amount of the same types of fixtures so there aren’t different types of beams contrasting one another. By turning on only certain groups of lights in each song, you create different shapes. It’s a very clean look. The Elation 360i wall upstage allows us to create EDM style looks for a few songs as well as soft texture for the slower, more mellow tunes.”

LMG Touring and the production team worked closely together to capture the energy and intensity for G-Eazy and Logic.

“LMG did an amazing job of making our lighting dreams come true on this one. We have an incredible lighting package on the tour that allows us to create massive looks as well as stripped down, emotional moments,” Routhier concludes. “They also provided us with a top notch lighting staff. We’re extremely happy with how quick and efficient the lighting team is.”

“The Endless Summer” tour kicked off June 28th in Dallas and concluded August 5th with performances in cities across the US.