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Goa’s Shree Lights Acquires Brand New GrandMA3 Light

MA Lighting’s grandMA3 Light has quickly gained popularity as a preferred control console, especially for those rental companies that look for an extensive feature set akin to the industry flagship grandMA3 full-format, but within a vastly more compact package that’s far more budget-friendly as well. Several rental companies across India have added the feature rich grandMA3 Light control consoles to their existing inventory; and the latest name to this list is Shree Lights – one of Goa’s most reputed lighting equipment rental service providers.

Shree Lights have expanded their inventory of impressive technologies with the addition of a brand-new grandMA3 Light lighting console from MA Lighting; and the acquisition is attributed to fulfilling the needs of a steadily growing profile of events that the company has been commissioning over the recent past. The purchase was secured and facilitated by Hi-Tech Audio & Image, the official distribution partners of MA Lighting in India.

Vikas Savekar of Shree Lights provides an insight into the reasons that prompted the purchase; citing the console’s sleek and compact ergonomic profile, coupled with its powerful and reliable processing engine that supports a more refined user interface as some of the key functional features that impressed him the most. Furthermore, Vikas states that the console’s layout with new and improved buttons / keys and large screens, along with its enhanced safety rich design and its capacity to offer intuitive control and enhanced playback capability (thanks to its long-life motorized playback faders) were the other key contributing factors.

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